Here at Travel Agents In Action, we don’t believe in coincidences … that’s for gamblers.

We believe that life should be lived ‘on purpose, with purpose’, which produces serendipitous encounters with people, events, and information that supports the magnetic pull of our thoughts and desires. The results, powered by passion and a drive for excellence, are MAGICAL, and usually so much more than we ever dreamed possible.

Our Family of Agents will tell you themselves that this arena has pulled a lot of resources in to them making the impossible, possible. Albeit, one of the secrets to making magic is an insatiable hunger for knowledge and experience, which we don’t find in our comfort zone. Although we’re all traveling through this life journey together, being a Travel Professional is not for everyone. Contact us today to find out more!



Andrea Hudson-Lindsay

Toronto, ON

“I have been in the travel industry for over 25 years and thought I had the greatest passion for travel, and thought I was knowledgeable until I met Andrea and Alana. Andrea is passionate about what she does and it inspires me on a daily basis to be like her, she is not only passionate, she is genuine, professional, efficient, fun and a ball of energy. Alana is a wealth of information, the ultimate professional, a perfectionist and a quiet storm. The professionalism and efficiency of these ladies are beyond any I have seen. I am so honoured to be in business with them and proud to be able to call them my coaches, my mentors and friends.”


Fred Albi

Toronto, ON

“After working in education for over 30 years, the last 16 as an elementary school administrator, I looked forward to the next stage in my life. Travel was always a passion of mine and it felt natural to get into this field as a travel agent. It has been more than expected, besides the extra income, travel and bond with fellow travel agents, it has afforded me the opportunity to continue to be a life-long learner and be of service to the community and clients.”


Paula Badali

Toronto, ON

"I’ve always secretly wanted to be a travel agent. I’m passionate about travel and love learning about new places around the world. I finally decided to take the plunge and got my TICO license. I was now an agent….but now what? Then I met Andrea and Alana who out of the goodness of their hearts ran a training program. I soaked up as much as I could from them. Naturally the day I found out they were opening their own agency I was thrilled. These are two of the most amazing, caring, energetic ladies I have met. I am so excited to be moving forward with them as my leaders. They truly make me want to be a better agent. Thanks ladies!"


Susan Eliuk & Rob Duncan

Toronto, ON

"Rob and I have been on a fascinating journey within the Travel World. What an experience! If I had only known the perks that are available I would of been involved a lot sooner. We would not have been as successful without the awesome training and guidance from our Travel experts Alana and Andrea. Their training has far surpassed that of a Travel & Tourism course that we know others have paid thousands of dollars for. Their dedication and determination to help us succeed is bar none. You would not get this from a classroom or from another Travel Agency. Those who plug in and take time to do the training see the results right away. Happy to be on the road to success with you!"


Marcie Yeo-Davidson

Toronto, ON

"As a new person jumping from one career into a completely new career has been an extraordinary adventure. With so much to learn and establish, I have received nothing but accolades and expert learning experiences. What they have been able to offer me is invaluable. They have led me into a path that I am extremely excited about and to have a great team standing behind me cheering and supporting every move, makes me feel like nothing is impossible to do. Passion Growth, achievability, all things I can associate with this team. Thank you!"


Lisa Wybo-Francke

Toronto, ON

“After researching online for my next vacation, I came across TAA and was astonished to hear that they were looking for home based agents and that they gave back to communities … wham, I WAS SOLD. Two passions came together: Giving Back and My Passion for Travel. TAA provides top notch training and ongoing support along with their multitude of resources, years of experience and vendor relationships, I felt that I was part of big family and they had my heart as I knew they were there for me as well as giving back like no other Travel Agency has ever done. TAA has opened a world of opportunities for me as a professional business woman as they checked off every single thing on my list and provided me with new way of living and my passion for giving back.”


Bill Robinson

Toronto, ON

"I heard that Andrea was the person who could answer my questions and get me going in the right direction. I contacted her and the world of travel opened up for me. Sometime later, I met Alana and was able to gain more insight regarding booking travel. Over the last several years, I've enjoyed invaluable training sessions hosted by Alana and Andrea and gained significant knowledge about the travel industry and tips that have helped me in booking travel for my clients. Andrea and Alana are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who are very willing to help others. Integrity and a good reputation are very important in business and I am very happy to be associated with them."


Louise Nadon

Toronto, ON

"I'm so grateful to Andrea and Alana who work so hard to ensure our success. Their training surpass the mark of excellence. I'm a smarter 'professional tourist' because of them. I would not have a clue about selling travel without them. Love you both very much!"


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