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ZER-O to Travel Pro starts NOW!

You'd never know that the majority of our Travel Pros are part-timers who started with ZERO former Travel Industry experience or knowledge, of which many are earning full-time incomes!

All it takes to succeed in this industry is essential basic know-how, enthusiasm, passion for service & give-back, determination to follow through, and desire for continued learning and growth. Just ask any of our Travel Pros or Bootcampers!

Our fun, super informative, 7-week Bootcamp training program will have you experiencing this industry like never before .. and of course the extra $$$ is pretty awesome too.

ACT NOW by emailing us at to schedule a conversation to determine if this is the right fit for you.


You're blossoming alongside our current merry band of Agent-superstars who will support you during this very loaded training program specifically designed to get you from A to Z with what you need to succeed.

We educate, empower and equip you with history, logistics, booking resources and working systems, tips & tricks, backed with coaching & mentoring, and so much more.

Topics range from ..

  • The Travel Industry itself - the largest industry on the planet!
  • The exciting world of an Agent
  • The Booking Cycle
  • Simple Sales & Marketing strategies
  • Tapping into the Power of Social Media
  • Customer Service = happy & repeat customers
  • Booking Systems, Resources, Tools to search & close sales
  • FAMs that will take you all over the world!
  • Access to your Supplier BDMs and Supplier training
  • Our unique Specialist Program
  • Your individual Travel Agent ID Card
  • And soo much more!

With 30yrs in the Industry, we continue to proudly, successfully serve & educate this community of Travel Pros. So, whether you are a current Agent looking to switch Networks, or you're starting from scratch .. NOW is the time space is limited.

Email to schedule a call.

Your Partners in Travel,
Andrea & Alana


"In my roll as a BDM for a leading travel company I got to work with the most of the host agencies in Canada. I paid attention to grumblings, discontent and company atmosphere. So when I decided to get back into selling and following my passion for travel; I chose the one that has the best atmosphere, no grumblings or discontent and here I am working with Travel Agents in Action. Let's get this party started!"

- Bob Ruttan

"Before becoming a travel agent, I traveled but I discovered that traveling as agent I get to do more and experience more. As an agent I get to travel as a VIP. Go on FAM with other agents is lots of fun. Travel more, Save more, Make more. Traveling is not only to get to a destination, it's a learning experience, new places to explore. Amazing."

- Louise Nadon

"I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for meeting this wonderful team. The knowledge and experiences I have gained in only a few months is phenomenal! I absolutely love this new journey and I couldn't have found a better group to do it with! Looking forward to all the great times ahead!!"

- Sonja Bruschetto

"Excellent travel agency. Book with confidence knowing that you will be in the hands of very passionate, knowledgeable agents."

- Paula Carcone Badali

"TAIA Is The Best Travel Agency in Canada! Educated Travel Agents. Very professional!"

- Lisa Francke

"I just wanted to thank Alana and Andrea for creating one of the most comprehensive and fun training programs that I have ever attended. As an RN I have completed numerous orientations at a variety of hospitals and healthcare facilities, and the Travel Agents in Action Bootcamp was hands down my favourite! I now feel confident that the training I received has completely prepared me to begin my journey as a travel agent. The entire team has been extremely helpful and supportive with my personal goal to use travel to promote health and wellness. Thanks again for all your awesome advice and support!"

- Kerry Saunders

"I'm new to the travel industry, and Travel Agents in Action has provided me with the most awesome training! I'm proud to say that I am a graduate of the Sping Bootcamp! It was fun, intense and educational. I learned so much - what it takes to succeed in this industry, how to research destinations, the perfect questions to ask a traveler, the right way to open my own business.. everything. It was the most intensive training I've ever had - for any job. I can't wait to see where this new adventure takes me. I know TAIA will have my back and support me, as they have from the day I started. Thanks Travel Agents in Action! Follow me.. I'm going places!"

- Karri Waterfield Peeling

"Bootcamp was amazing, so much information jam packed into 6 weeks. Alana and Andrea are the BEST leaders NIA for life!"

- Jonathan Lim

"For the first time I was able to turn my hobby and passion into something and make money. About 10 months ago I was introduced to Andrea and Alana, whom have been so supportive for my husband and I. We started training with Travel Agents in Action and I have to say after years and years of cusomter service meetings and seminars these two ladies put on one of the BEST trainings I have ever been apart of. We have had nothing but the best service and support from this team and we are so happy to be a part of their family. Thank you TAIA."

- Jeff and Julie Lohnes

"TAIA is very professional, personable and truly Canadian! There is lots in store for everyone.. Follow us.. we ARE going places! :)"

- Connie Davies

"The best group of agents to be associated with.. all rock stars."

- Andrea Hudson-Lindsay


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