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Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Don’t settle.”Operating a successful travel business and being schooled from the comforts of home on a flexible schedule makes this quote very real for our home-based Travel Pros. Besides a very profitable income, we enjoy more time with family & friends, more time for ourselves, more time for travel and for what’s really important in life.. because time is precious, time is priceless. Travel. Travel. Travel.


We couldn’t agree more when Raquel humorously quirked, "Um, minister, you're important.. but the most important people in the room are the travel agents." (Raquel Queensborough, Jamaica Tourist Board BDM, at a trade dinner in Toronto attended by Jamaica Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett). Events, events and more events! Not only do they bring us together, keep us pumped, and coming back for more, we are so grateful to Industry suppliers for consistently investing in us and affirming that we are #1 to them and to you, our clients. Industry suppliers take such good care of us and support us 100%. Thanks to all our industry partners for the trade shows, special dinners, entertainment, giveaways, trips, trips and more trips.


For years our agents have heard cofounder Andrea, say, “This is TRAVEL! If you’re not having fun with this, I’ll kick you out myself”. By the same token, both founders, Alana & Andrea, take this business very seriously, right along with ongoing industry education, specialty training and most importantly, individual growth & empowerment. Sure, we love and believe in what we do. Our vehicle is TOPS! But a brand new Porche in the driveway is useless and a waste of money if there isn’t a responsible experienced driver behind the wheel that can move it safely from A to B, while enjoying the ride. You’re in for the ride of your life with Travel Agents In Action!


It is said, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. Whether once every few years or once every few months, I think we can all agree that we come back changed forever from our travels. Here at Travel Agents In Action, we never tire of seeing the wondrous facial expressions or hearing the stories of Agents who’ve spent time with orphaned children in Africa, played with rescued elephants in Cambodia, walked the Great Wall of China, zip lined through the Amazon, released baby turtles back to the oceans, scuba dove off the Great Barrier Reef, cruised for 25day sailings. Bucket list trips that many save a lifetime for, come to life for our Agents, for pennies on the dollar.. and worth every cent!


What surprises our clients most about our Travel Pros is that they are also ‘pros’ in their respective fields of employment. That’s right.. most have full time jobs and still operate successfully as home-based Agents. From retired school principles to police officers, from real estate brokerage owners to VP’s of sales, from nurses to engineers, from professional tour guides to bankers, from photographers to event planners.. we got ‘em all here! and we couldn’t be more proud to be surrounded by such diversity and professionalism.


Hey listen, it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it. When a cruise line, Tourist Board, resort brand, or destination invites our agents to come and be spoiled, VIP’ed, red-carpeted for a week for ‘educational purposes’ – uh, yah - we go for it! It's one thing to show you pictures, it's quite another to know our products first-hand. We’ve been there-done that so we can back up our recommendations with personal stories, experiences, the ins and outs, ups and downs, hidden gems, preferred resorts, best excursions, great eats, etc. When you pass the task of booking your vacays to our Specialists to handle all the details, you're getting experience, knowledge, and peace of mind knowing that we’ve got your back before, during and after your trip.